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On the Issues

The 17th District faces some of the worst traffic congestion in the state. Rick understands that this problem isn’t just causing a headache for commuters and those trying to get from A to B; the standstill is costing the district business that brings needed jobs. Potential business is being lost to places with a much freer flow of traffic. Rick will make it a top priority to ease the traffic burden by advocating for needed transportation projects for the district.

As a father and a grandfather, Rick understands how important education is for our future. Rick will work to create the proper environment for maximum potential from our students, by providing them with the best teachers and resources available.

As a water engineer and Vice President of the Georgia Rural Water Association, Rick has years of experience in providing homes and business with a supply of water. Rick also appreciates the need to take precautionary measures to ensure we are prepared for the worst-case scenario. Rick will bring these qualifications to the Senate to help prepare us for our immediate and future water needs.

Limited Government
As a true conservative, Rick supports a truly limited government. Rick applauds the efforts made by the General Assembly this past Session to cut nearly 12.5% from fiscal year 2009’s budget. Rick supports maintaining a leaner government and will not support wasteful spending.

Protecting the 2nd Amendment
As an avid hunter and member of the NRA, Rick will fight to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. The 2nd Amendment allows us, as law-abiding citizens, to enjoy the outdoors and protect our families.