19 August 2016

Major DOT Announcement for HWY 155

GDOT Project Approved for Henry County
ATLANTA (August 17, 2016)

Sen. Rick Jeffares (R – McDonough) is excited to announce the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) approved a road improvement project that will expand a portion of SR 155 from I-75 to Hampton-Locust Grove Road/Bill Gardener Pkwy from two to four lanes.  This corridor is a main artery to the industrial heart of Henry County.  Widening the road will unclog some of the congestion, provide safer driving conditions for the commuting public, and keep this employment center pumping strong for Henry County.  After months of work by the Sen. Jeffares and House members in the Henry County delegation, relief is on the way.

“This project is a result of a collaborative effort from many people whose goals are to improve traffic congestion in the area, while also increasing the safety of our roads for the citizens of McDonough and those traveling through our state,” said Sen. Jeffares. “I sincerely appreciate the time and dedication of everyone involved that made this project a reality.”

Jay Roberts, GDOT planning director, signed off on the SR 155 expansion project last week in front of Sen. Jeffares, Reps. Andy Welch (R – 110), David Knight (R – 130), Brian Strickland (R – 111) and Dale Rutledge (R – 109). Throughout the day meetings were held with Commissioners Bruce Holmes, Gary Barham, Blake Prince and Commissioner-elect Johnny Wilson, Henry county Chamber of Commerce President David Gill and recently hired William Woodall who all were involved in getting this project approved. The project now has to go through the bidding process and be awarded a contract before construction can begin.



Contact: Ines Owens, Acting Director

 Brittany Wagner, Communications Specialist



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